What Is Affiliate Marketing and What Are The 2 Critical Scenerios You Need to Know About To Dramatically Change Your Success Outcome.

What is Affiliate Marketing

and how will you benefit from it ? It will be a part of your life, in one way or another if you have a business on the internet.

Let's look at a couple of scenerios :

Scenerio #1

Let's say that you have homemade fishing rods for sale on your website and you are not getting any traffic to your site.

You decide to register your product with Commission Junction(one of the well known companies that facilitates and administers the sale of products and the payment of commissions to affiliate salespeople).

Affiliates (who discover that there is a big demand for homemade fishing rods) search for and find your product offer at Commission Junction. In this case, the affiliate is looking for a 'hot' product to sell.

Affiliate marketers will use all sorts of different ways to drive traffic to your offer at Commission Junction.

You want visitors to your site and affiliates deliver them.Visitors come to your site because they were searching for information on homemade fishing rods.

Scenerio #2

Let's say you have a goal to establish a profitable network marketing business. You need warm or 'targeted' prospects and also a way to create a flow of income that helps to cover expenses. An ideal way to set this up is to incorporate a 'funded proposal'(whereby you become the affiliate)


funded proposal simply means that you are making a proposal or a recommendation to your visitors for a certain product. If your visitor buys the product, the proposal has been "funded".

An example of this would be where you offer a free ebook to your visitor in exchange for their name and email address. Once they have submitted that information (thru an opt-in form) they are given instant access to the free ebook.

The free ebook, in turn, then leads the visitor to actually buy a product which you are paid for. So, in this case, you are the affiliate. You are earning a commission on the sale of a product.

The reason that you acting as an affiliate in the first place (for someone else's product) is because it is a way of helping to pay for some or all of your business expenses as you build your network marketing organization.

What is so terrific about using this approach is that even though your visitor may never join you in your network marketing company downline, your visitors are paying you to become your (warm) prospects.

In summary, people search for information by doing Google searches. Affiliate marketers capture those searchers by attracting them to target websites with

landing, capture, squeeze or opt-in pages.

What is affiliate marketing ? It's an integral part of and helps to drive the entire internet. It is a successful internet business model that is fueled or funded by virtue of the fact that people search for information.

Affiliate marketing takes full advantage of the fact that people now use the internet as their preferred method of getting information (and in doing so, use the internet to buy products). Go to Affiliate Marketing

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