"6 Tips - Outsource Your Tasks by Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant , Increase your Profits, Free up Your Time and Streamline your Business"

Outsource (delegate) work to a Virtual Assistant. This will allow you to work ON instead of IN your business. Free up your time and focus on income generating ideas.

Your business plan and vision of success should be clear. Your vision should be broken down into goals, steps and tasks. Each of these should be prioritized so that, each day, you know what specific actions to take.

It is possible to become overwhelmed with all the tasks that pile up. Save yourself time, money and frustration. Delegate some of your work. Consider hiring a

virtual assistant.

If you outsource the technical, repetitive tasks your time will be freed up to focus on the most fun and profitable activities. Spend more time on things that you are passionate about and less time on things that you hate doing.

When you think about it, your internet marketing success really depends on the completion of a whole series of on-going tasks. Undoubtedly, they can seem to be endless.

There's something else to consider here. Which outsourcing resource should you use ?

Three of the best known outsourcing websites are Elance, Scriptlance and Rentacoder. I recommend that you do NOT use any of these. If you do, you will need to know exactly what you're doing.

Here's the problem. How do you know that the person you are hiring is not a company posing as an individual ? It is quite common for a company to pose as an individual. Their business is to gather up outsourcing jobs and then hire employees to carry out the work.

In this case, they are charging an extra hourly rate on top of what they are paying the worker. Therefore, there is a motivation to milk the job that you have delegated for as much as possible.

Here are 6 tips that will get you headed in the right direction :

1. Hire your own assistant. Be certain of who this person is. The idea here is to ensure that your helper is motivated to do a good job. You want to develop a relationship with this person just as you would with any employee.

2. You should have a reasonably good understanding of the process or task that you want to outsource BEFORE hiring someone.

3. Be prepared to provide some guidance to your newly hired virtual assistant. In your description of the task(s) to be completed, be very clear and detailed. Also be clear about whether this is for one specific task or for permanent work.

4. Do not just hire the lowest bidder. Identify the best person for the job based on their reported experience and on their rating score (ie - jobs that they have successfully completed). You will be presented with a pretty straight forward method of choosing effectively.

5. Before deciding who you will hire, send the job description to at least 10 candidates. See who responds quickly, who impresses you the most.

Once you have chosen a virtual assistant, you should be very clear with them about your expectations. Let them know that you are very willing to guide and help them and that they are welcome to contact you if they have questions.

You may want to try the chosen candidate out by giving them a single task to do. Whether you hire them for one specific task (or to work full time to complete a wide range of tasks for you on an ongoing basis) will depend on their performance.

Of course, when you do hire someone, there should be an agreed upon probationary period (say 3 months) to gauge work performance.

6. Look for a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

The wages in the Philippines range from $1 to $4 per hour USD or $150 to $350 per month. You can hire a computer science university graduate for $2 to $3 per hour or $250 to $300 per month (USD)depending on expertise and level of difficulty.

They speak English and are well educated for the most part; in many cases have university degrees.

They are loyal, honest, hard working people who are anxious to find a full time job and to please their employer.

Once you have located a good, reliable virtual assistant, treat that person with the utmost respect.

In doing so, you could very well be establishing a lifetime relationship with a trusted, reliable and loyal employee. For you, this could mean the difference between struggling to barely keep your head above water or vaulting yourself to extraordinary success.

As your business grows, you may want to hire a manager to organize and delegate tasks. This can be a very good situation. You could ask this person for referrals to other good workers. Those workers could be family members.

Therefore, the manager is highly motivated to do the best for you. Not only does her/his livelyhood depend on performance but so does that of the family.

If you would like to go to a resource that solves the virtual assistant challenge, come back here. I will be introducing this to you shortly.

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