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Why would you want to use Video Marketing ? To brand yourself. Video is one of the best ways to do that.

If you are not using videos in your online business, you're leaving money on the table. You'll be missing out on one of the best ways of branding yourself.

A video is a powerful way of putting a message across ; connecting with your audience, your viewers.

It's a touchy subject for most people and that's one reason that you should use videos ; to separate yourself from the pack. It’s a reality and difficult for a lot of people to accept this even though they know it’s true.

If you feel intimidated by this, I can relate to you because I used to feel the same way.

The reason I have created this page is to help you get over this obstacle. It really is not difficult. You can do either 'head shot' or 'screen capture' videos.

Here's an important point : your visiting viewer does not care about how 'professional' a video looks. The more natural it is the better. Your viewers want to get a feel for who you are. So don't concern yourself with trying to make your videos perfect.

You don't need any fancy equipment. You can buy a web camera that just plugs into a USB port in your computer for $50 to $100. The camera that I bought is a Microsoft HD webcam. It cost just under $100 and it's perfect for the job.

You would use this type of camera where you are just sitting or standing in front of or near your computer.

The other type of camera you might want to use is a hand held camera. There are many makes and models available ranging in price from $50 and up.

You can buy a 'Flip' cam for under $100 which does the job just fine. I bought Kodak's answer to the Flip cam. It's called the Kodak Zi8 and cost about $150. It's amazing. It picks up audio like you wouldn't believe and delivers a high definition video. A child can operate this camera.

You would use a hand held camera for shooting a video in your car, standing out in your back yard with a landscape behind you or just anywhere that you happen to be.

That's the beauty of a hand held. When you get an inspiration just start shooting. It's that simple.

A really good example of using a hand held camera would be where you want to video yourself interviewing someone special. This person might be a recognized leader or authority on the subject or concept of your website or blog. This could be at a live network marketing event that you are attending.

In this case, you are transferring the credibility of the other person to yourself. This does not need to be fancy. What it does need to do is portray you as someone of value, honesty and integrity.

This hand held camera could be mounted on a tripod or you could be just shooting the video by holding the camera in your hand.

Just the other day, my 14 year old son and I were driving to the hockey rink. I asked him to hold the camera while I talked for about one minute or so. The subject of the video was 'this is how easy it is to do a video'.

Again, the more natural and simple a video is, the more effective it is. As in the video at the top of this page you can see how raw and unprofessional it is. It's just me talking. See how simple this is ?

You can get started right away by doing very short 'head shot' videos of yourself talking about something. You'll be surprised at how easy this becomes.

Your computer is probably already equipped with the software that you need, such as Microsoft Movie Maker. Also, the camera that you buy will also come with its own software.

It's a simple matter of plugging the camera into a USB port in your computer and following the instructions in the camera software. Just begin experimenting. Trial and error will result in success.

Here's some good news. You do not neccesarily have to appear in the video yourself.

This is where your viewer only sees what is on your computer screen. This is called a 'screen capture' video. Typically, you do the talking to your viewer describing what they are seeing on your sceen.

In order to do screen capture videos, you will need the appropriate software. Of the many programs available, I suggest that you go to 'Jing' or 'Camtasia'. They both have free trial versions.

Video marketing has now become a necessity if you want to be competitive, to let the world know who you are and what your brand is.

That’s the whole point of video. It lets people get to know you and to develop a trust in you. When it comes to monetizing your site, people will buy what you suggest because they like and trust you.

There’s quite a stir going on with video marketing on the internet. It has been around for a long time and up until now it was used mostly by the big players.

Of course, that has all changed. YouTube has helped this change to happen very quickly. Now, anyone with a digital video camera can put their videos on the internet for free.

Consider this :Would your visitors rather watch a video or read a bunch of text. If "a picture is worth a thousand words" how much is a moving picture worth ? Especially if that moving picture is YOU.

One thing is for sure - your competitors will be using video marketing more and more. They realize how powerful this medium is.

Getting over the hump -

Stumbling around, shuffling papers on my desk, procrastinating, avoiding even looking at my recently purchased video camera – oh my gosh, I was just disgusted with myself. All the while, I knew darn well that I needed to face up to the fact that I had to begin using videos in my internet marketing strategy.

If you are anything like me, you’re having thoughts like this…..

"I am intimidated at the thought of having to look into a rolling video camera and start talking.

I am afraid of losing my train of thought. I’m going to look like an amateur. Who in their right mind would watch more than 2 seconds of Me making a fool of myself on this video ? I don’t understand the technical side of videos. I don’t understand how to upload videos to YouTube."

All of these are reasons 'why not to'. These may be the thoughts going on inside your mind that prevent you from doing what you know you need to do.

I can relate. I had to overcome the obstacles also. Doing videos was a real stumbling block for me. I knew that I had to do videos. I was scared out my pants at the thought of doing them. I would wake up in the middle of the night stressing out about this.

In late November of 2009 I enrolled in a course called 'Coaching Cognition' through Ann Sieg's well known 'Renegade Professionals' Training program.

As luck would have it, I ended up peer coaching with Emma Tiebens. She teaches a course called Relationship Video Marketing. In this course, Emma takes you through 6 steps in 6 weeks on how to use relationship video marketing to share your message and attract your perfect clients.

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