"In 5 Minutes Learn Why A Squeeze Page Is So Vital to Attraction Marketing And How To Create One With Ease "

What is a squeeze page ? (in the internet world, also loosely referred to as a landing page, opt in page or capture page).

It's a page on a website whose purpose is to invite or lead its readers to exchange their name and email address in return for information.

Why and how should you be using these pages ?

First of all, it is really important (and it should be really apparent to you) that squeeze pages should be used with much discretion and good taste. The main reason for this being that you are giving it your true effort to create a really good reputation on the internet – you are branding yourself . Don’t throw that away.

It’s hard enough as it is to get visitors to your site. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “pitch” or “hype” your reader. It only takes one click of the mouse and they are gone, never to return.

Of course, your visitors do not mind squeeze pages as long as they are presented tastfully and in the right place at the right time. Remember CTPM (content, traffic, presell, monetize) .

In other words, when a visitor of yours wants to act on a recommendation that you have provided, then they are ready to act, they will be looking for an obvious place on your website to take action – a button to click on (for example – “Enroll Now” or “Get Access Now”)

On the internet there is a saying; the money is in the list . There is a caveat to this saying – and it goes something like this…. the money is in the list of people who buy.

So, while we’re talking about this subject, it’s worth noting that FOLLOW UP is one of the secrets to successful marketing. (That’s why autoresponders are such a powerful tool – they facilitate the follow up process). This is called a “permission based” follow up. Your reader has given you permission to send them information by responding to a confirmation email which your autoresponder has sent to them.

One of your main goals should be to build a list of names of visitors who will either BUY something (front end product) from you or “become a warm lead” (your newsletter subscriber) and potentially join you in your network marketing business (“the back end”). As we know, this concept or process is called a funded proposal .

You capture their names and email addresses by collecting them within your autoresponder through a webform on a capture page.

You should be focusing on developing and building the size of your names list. This list could easily become your email newsletter subscriber list. So, there’s a great idea if you are up to it. Begin thinking about creating your own newsletter . We’ll cover this more on another page of this site.

For the time being, just keep the thought in your mind that you are building your reputation on the internet. You are building a brand. You are branding yourself.

In summary, a squeeze page is one of the tools that we use to implement the funded proposal. Remember that we are attempting to attract people to us (NOT chase them). By doing this we are employing Attraction Marketing. Some visitors will buy information and others will subscribe to a free ebook. In any of these cases, whether a visitor buys something or not, they become a “lead”. They are a potential business associate.

The squeeze page is where your visitor arrives because they are looking for some form of VALUABLE content.

On this page, you (the author and website owner) insert a web form which is the form (or text box) where your visitor types in their name and email address.

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