" Why You Need To Focus on Social Marketing to Succeed in Your Network Marketing Business"

I have called this page MLM Social Marketing Success Secrets because very few people seem to understand the concept. On Twitter, Facebook and so many other social websites, everyone is trying to pitch everyone else. Do you find this to be true ? The reason I call these Secrets is because these people have no concept of how to conduct themselves at these social sites. Social marketing is the way in which you brand yourself as a helpful, solution provider. That’s how you want to be perceived by others. Someone of value.

The desired effect is that personal branding will attract visitors to your blog or website through the links that you share at Twitter and Facbook. This is free traffic, unlike traffic that you have paid for through advertising campaigns. An important goal that you should have is to create a good reputation.

Also, unlike paid traffic, visitors who come to your site because of your reputation are much warmer or higher quality leads. They already like and trust you to a certain extent. These are prospects that money just cannot buy.

Social marketing can take place in many forms. You could upload videos to YouTube, tweet on Twitter, or comment on someone’s wall on Facebook. As a member of any forum that you might belong to, your goal should be to help others members solve their problem, to answer their questions, to take an interest in others.

Another very effective way of branding yourself and becoming more well known is to comment on the articles or posts of other contributing members. These are just a few examples of ways to connect with your prospects and to build a reputation.

Being your authentic self is key. Just be yourself. Come from contribution.

In your social marketing efforts here is an example of how to act. When you’re at a party you are socializing and taking an interest in other people. You are not there to solicit or make sales pitches.

Let’s use Facebook for instance. Think of Facebook as a social gathering or party that you are attending and think of your website or blog as your office. It’s OK to mention to someone where your office is or to give them the link to your office, your website. It’s at your website where you connect with someone on a business level.

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