"Why Your Success Depends on Personal Branding in Your Social Marketing Campaign"

Personal branding is not a new concept. It's just not understood by most people on the internet. It's part of the process called social marketing.

Up until now, the traditional way of network marketing was to brand the network marketing opportunity that you represented. Typically, the company and its leaders teach distributors to tell prospects about the company and its products.

It’s true that your prospect will need to know all about the business. More importantly, they need to know about YOU first. Naturally, they’re not likely to join you unless they like you. They need to know that you are following a successful path and that you can lead them to success. If you are setting a good example they are more likely to join you in your business.

Naturally, this is where the term ‘Attraction Marketing’ comes from. Your readers become aware of you and what you are about through many different places on the internet.

Your website and/or blog are obvious starting points. They are sites that you will be directing people to. Social marketing is simply the process of getting your readers attention. Once you have achieved that it is natural for your reader to follow the links to your website or blog.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are for the purpose of personal branding (socializing and taking an interest in other people). This is where you grow your reputation as a person with solutions and value. These are not places to make sales pitches.A good analogy would be that when you are interacting with people at the social media sites you are at a 'party'.

It is a place to simply let people know where your 'office' is. That 'office' is your website or your blog. So, in this way, you are directing people to the office. That's where your visitors can really connect with you on a business basis.

This is all about providing valuable, helpful information to your readers. You are positioning yourself as a good business partner. You are perceived by your readers as someone that they would like to be associated with. It's personal branding.

Social marketing is a multi layered process. It takes shape in many different forms and places.

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