"17 Critical Steps To Your Network Marketing Success"

Your network marketing success depends on the quality of your choices of teacher support and resources.

Enough is enough when it comes to listening to and following all of the same old outdated training programs and routines that have been taught by mlm companies and upline leaders for so long. Let's get real here. Things have changed in our industry. The old ways just do not work anymore.

There is an order of things that you will need to consider and plan for if you want real success in this business.

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1. Employ vision mapping. Create a step by step roadmap that will take you to your vision of success. Develop a network marketing success plan that is in harmony with your vision, preferences and goals. Break it down into simple and achievable steps and tasks.

Draw out your big picture first so that you know where you are at any point in time. Every article you write or product you create and/or offer should lead to the next step for your prospect. Everything needs to be in a logical, sequential order. Lead your prospect from one step to the next with the goal of helping her/him achieve success.

Your overall network marketing success strategy will build out from this plan.

This will include :

your marketing funnel, which will be comprised of the following :

building your own website and blog,

creating your own information product (for early cash flow)

attracting traffic into your marketing funnel, through article writing (creating content)and/or

paid advertising, pay per click, solo ads, facebook ads

creating landing / capture pages,

creating a newsletter,

creating videos, for upload to YouTube, your website and blog,

social marketing via Twitter, Facebook (and others),

affiliate marketing,

As these all become linked together, they will work in unison in your campaign to build your list of leads. In this way, you will be attracting people to you. It remains then to develop rapport and relationships with your new contacts.

2. Adopt the Attraction Marketing business (and mindset) model. Find and be a sponsor who embraces this concept. Stop chasing prospects; attract them.

3. Right from the start and as you build, accept and employ the concept that you are always branding yourself .

4. Build and own your own website. Here is the best resource on the internet to get this underway and looked after.

5. Embrace, trust and employ the concept of CTPM. Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize.

6. Understand and employ the funded proposal approach in your marketing and prospecting campaign.

7. Join a recognized network marketing success training program like Renegade Professional or Magnetic Sponsoring.

8. Learn how to create videos, upload them to YouTube and use them to brand yourself.

9. Learn why, how and where to set up a blog.

10. Understand why and how to make this blog your marketing hub.

11. Get your email newsletter series started.

12. Start building your list of subscribers .

13. Learn about the concept of an auto-responder and how it relates to building your list. Open an account at one of these two auto-responder companies.

14. Learn about Capture pages , why and how you should be using them. Understand how they are related to building your list.

15. Learn about how to create web forms for your lead capture and opt-in pages.

16. Develop your skill as a writer of high value content that builds targeted traffic. The better you are at this skill the more you will be able to really let your light shine when it comes to helping others. Just be your authentic self. Think about creating your own product. This could be a short ebook or newsletter. It could be a coaching session with your prospect.

17. Develop the right mindset. Think of yourself as a solution provider - someone who 'cares' about others. Come from a 'contribution' and giving attitude.

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