Are You Missing Multiple Streams of Income in Your Network Marketing Business ?

Up until now, Multiple Streams of Income has been a sin in the world of network marketing. That's right. This was really frowned upon by upline leaders, mlm companies and distributors in general. It was pretty much an industry wide rule and everyone bought into it.

Amazing as this sounds, countless times in the past I have personally witnessed people being criticized, looked down on and even excommunicated by their fellow distributors simply because they were receiving (or attempting to generate) income from sources outside their own network marketing company's compensation plan.

Even more unbelievable is that there are still numerous mlm companies that specifically prohibit their distributors from attempting to generate multiple streams of income. And, of course there are those dyed in the wool mlm veterans that will defend this policy because they have been so conditioned by their mlm company.

So, we know what is happening to the downlines of those old fashioned mlm'ers. They are being pulled away by this whole new concept of attraction marketing. They're joining up with progressive thinking network marketers.

More specifically, they are embracing a new concept called the FUNDED PROPOSAL.

Fundamentally this a system that will allow you to get paid by the people who say 'no' to your primary opportunity. People in your prospecting "funnel" actually pay you to become your warm lead or prospect.

It is being adopted by all forward thinking network marketers online.

The funded proposal is a very logical and accepted way of financing your business expenses. Sounds almost too good to be true, right ? It's the smartest way to generate multiple streams of income.

Well it is really GOOD and it is really TRUE. The funded proposal is here to stay. Here's the reason why : it's a way to cover start up expenses for a new distributor and it also provides a steady and ideally an increasing flow of prospects.

Here's how it works. Assume that you have your own website. Visitors come to your site in search of information. You have a capture page that says "just enter your name and email address" and you will have instant access to my FREE report.

So the visitor enters the information and goes to the FREE report. The FREE report leads that visitor to eventually buy a product : for example an ebook on "How to get more hot leads than you know what to do with" or it could be an actual product being offered by your mlm company. It could even be an ebook on how to create multiple streams of income.

Therefore, the visitor has shown a great deal of interest by giving you their name and email address. You now have added another name to your leads list. Whether you elect to call them OR let them call you really matters not.

You have possibly been paid already for your efforts up to this point. Even if this visitor chooses not to purchase this "front end" product, you are now "richer" by one more very warm lead.

Yes, it would be great if all these good folks joined you in your mlm. We both know that this is not going to happen.

Some of these visitors will join you in your primary opportunity. Of course, that's when the bigger payoff happens. They join you and duplicate what you have done with their own lead generating system. A system like this really encourages and breeds duplication. Just what we all want.

Within your website or blog you will be doing the same thing. This is part of what I will show you how to do. You're going to learn how to put up a capture page for the purpose of creating your prospect list and for generating "front end" sales. The "back end" is of course the income that results from a new distributor joining forces with you.

So, what you really need to do is to look for people who already like the concept of network marketing. The point here is that you are not hounding someone about your mlm. You are also not trying to attract people specifically to join your network opportunity. You are targeting people who are already interested in network marketing.

Once a prospect has shown enough interest to come to your capture page and leave their name and email address , you now have the opportunity to connect with this new prospect to offer your help, experience, training and solutions.

When you think about it .... here is a person looking for some help on the internet. Where is that help going to come from ?Let it be you.

Through your email newsletter, your subscribers will get to know, like and trust you. Some of these people will follow your recommendations and purchase various products. Others will join you in your primary opportunity.

Multiple streams of income, and the funded proposal - it's a brilliant yet simple concept. Cover some or all of your start up expenses by using this plan. It works. Go to What is Affiliate Marketing ? Go to Affiliate Marketing Go to Funded Proposal Return to Home Page