The Ten New Commandments for Multi Level Marketing and How You Can Succeed on the New Internet Playing Field

The face of Multi Level Marketing has changed forever, AND so has the public's perception of the industry.

This change is part of a much bigger trend. That trend is about a migration back to working from home ... a change from "employee" to "contractor". It is a global change that is underway.

Just for a moment, think about the new phenomenon known as outsourcing one's work tasks to "virtual assistants". This alone represents a complete change in the way that productivity happens around the world.

With this fundamental change has come a new and refreshing perspective on the network marketing industry. The reason being is that the "new" network marketer does not "chase" people. It was this despised activity that gave the industry such a bad name in the first place.

My wife was very justified in being upset with me for "hounding" our friends about network marketing. Can you relate ?

The reputation of the entire multi level marketing industry is being resurrected by virtue of the fact that the internet facilitates "attraction marketing".

This represents a complete reversal of the way business is being conducted in this industry. People in general are beginning to "see" themselves getting involved because it represents something that they regard as a respectable business.

So, just as people were beginning to think that multi level marketing was dying, a whole new outlook has developed by the general public. It has become a career "possibility" for a NEW SECTOR of the population - countless millions of ordinary people.

It's a realistic vision for many people. It means financial freedom for the average person. You and most everyone else can break through the barriers that have stood in the way of most people in this industry.

NOW YOU CAN BE YOURSELF, be in harmony with others and succeed to whatever level you are prepared to work for and do so RESPECTABLY.

So, here are the Ten New Commandments for Success in Multi Level Marketing :

AND before we get too carried away with this whole internet thing, let's be clear about something......

It's nuts to think (and preach) that anybody can build and maintain an mlm downline entirely by hiding behind a computer screen doing internet marketing.

1. HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS are still and will always be the most important factor. This fact seems to be forgotten by many network marketers.

This is where the opportunity and the success reside. We still have to talk to people. All too many people are so involved with their internet marketing that they forget about the need for human beings to have meaningful relationships.

2. The internet has made Multi Level Marketing a realistic and respectable income earning career (to the point that it is viewed by many as a PROFESSION). As people become more educated about the possibilities on the internet, the opportunities for earning income online grow. It is perpetuating itself.

For so many NEW millions of people it's a career option ; a consideration. MLM is becoming more and more a popular choice of ordinary folks.

3. DITCH the '3 FOOT RULE'. Chasing prospects is the very thing that "turns off" most people. Ironically, it is this very practise that turns people away, that has given the industry such a bad name.

Amazingly, this outdated method of recruiting people is STILL being taught by the majority of network marketing companies and leaders. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe. It's like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

4. Adopt ATTRACTION marketing. The internet is now recognized as the medium that allows you to attract people to you. This is the complete reverse of the way that "recruiting" is still being taught by most companies. It's only a matter of time before the outdated methods will be forgotten.

5. It is a new way to build your network marketing downline. You can now be in harmony with everyone. The reason is because all of your prospects are people who are coming to you with an interest, with questions about your business.


7. C T P M -

Content Traffic Presell Monetize. Never forget these words. This is the process that makes the internet tick.For those that understand and embrace this process, success and opportunity in multi level marketing is unlimited. It is this process that greases the gears, that makes everything so incredibly possible for the ordinary person.

They represent the change that has ocurred on the internet. They represent how to build your website. They are the process that when used in

8. BRAND YOURSELF. An integral art of the C T P M process, branding yourself is part of pre-selling your website visitor .

9. HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Owning your own website is a must.It is the platform upon which you brand yourself. It is your way of being in complete control of your business. With your own website you control ownership of the names list of distributors in your organization.

10. FIND A SPONSOR who embraces the new multi level marketing rules. Your sponsor should be someone who is prepared to change the way that they train their downline distributors.

So, HOW CAN YOU SUCCEED ON THIS NEW INTERNET PLAYING FIELD ? first understanding and adopting these new rules. You will be miles ahead of the crowd. Go to Truth on MLM Go to Funded Proposal Go to 17 Critical Steps to Network Marketing Success Return to Home Page