"Do's and Don'ts of MLM Success. Getting These Right Will Set Your Business Foundation"

Your online mlm success will be affected by others perhaps to a great extent.If you are just getting started online with your business, where do you look for information and solutions ? Who can you trust ?

The quality of information and people that you learn from is naturally going to make a difference for your mlm home business. There is a vast array of courses and information available online. Some of this material is great and some is a waste of time and money.

Ideally, you don't want to be led down a bunch of dead end rabbit paths.

Wouldn't it be good if you could go straight to some authoritative, reputable and trusted websites that taught you and showed you what to do and who to pay attention to ? If you were able to do this right away, how much time, money and frustration do you think it would save you ?

Over the course of the last eight years on the internet, I have discovered some of these websites and people. It's taken me that long to get a grip on what to do and what not to do.

#1. DO have a website AND a blog.

If you want to build an mlm success online, then you need a website. You will read and hear from many well intentioned folks that you only need a blog (versus a static website). You actually need both a website and a blog.

#2. DO follow the CTPM process.

Here are some vitally important things to be aware of. There are four basic concepts that you need to always observe and follow when creating your website. They are : Content, Traffic, PreSell and Monetize (in that order).

To build your website or blog in any other order will more than likely be a complete waste of time and effort. To find out why read 'Make Your Content Presell'. #3. DO "discover" your niche.

Before you get started building your website and/or blog, do your research on the "niche" or target market that you are going to build your business on. Understand the importance of "discovering" a niche, (not just picking a niche because you like it).

Find the "un-met" needs and wants of people within the market category that you want to speak to. Find out specifically what information people are searching for that is NOT being overly supplied or addressed.

Keyword research is the first and main part of this process of discovering your niche. For more specifics on keyword research click here.

#4. DO create more content.

As you're getting started, if you're ever in doubt what to do next, do continue to create valuable and solution oriented content. That is what will attract people to you.

Do you think that you can't write good content ? Well, you can. Take the Net Writing Masters Course , it's free.

#5. DON'T get caught up in the SEO game.

While it is important that your website is "optimized" to please the search engines, it is far more important to please your readers. Search engine optimization (SEO) has its limits and should be used properly.

In other words, it is futile to try to 'fool' the search engines with sneaky tactics. Sooner or later the search engines will be wise to any attempts at trying to get around anything but providing real, valuable and relevant content.

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