3 Deadly Potholes to Avoid - Make Your Own Website Attract Traffic

You should want to make your own website. I applaud you. I am also assuming that you want to do this correctly, the first time around. If you do, then there is no doubt what-so-ever that you will get the traffic that you need to build a successful web business. The success or failure of your business rests squarely on the PROCESS you use to build your site.

In a nutshell, that process is called C T P M - Content Traffic Presell Monetize I remember how excited I was at the prospect of having my own website. Fortunately, before I had lost too much time and money, I discovered the right people and resources on the internet. As you probably already know, it’s very easy to get led down the wrong rabbit path on the internet.

The internet landscape is littered with millions of websites that get absolutely no traffic. Basically, these sites were not built to attract "organic" (free) search engine traffic. There are good and clear reasons for this.

POTHOLE #1: Graphics

According to Alexa statistics, over 98% of websites on the internet are put together based on fancy GRAPHICS or “look and feel” perameters. The problem here is that fancy graphics do not attract traffic (from the search engines).

What does attract traffic ?

Keyword Focused, Valuable CONTENT pages. (That’s what I am trying to provide to you right now). This web page is focused on certain keywords. Chances are good that you used at least one of these keywords (during a Google search) to eventually find this page. Either that or you were referred here from another website.

Remember what you read above about PROCESS ; "C T P M" -

1. CONTENT (pure, valuable and good solution oriented, problem solving information)- this is what the search engines and the people are looking for. They're not looking for a sales pitch, capture page, etc.

2. TRAFFIC - this is what will result if you make your own website pages contain good content. The "directories" love it and so do the search engines. These two entities will work together to send traffic (real people - with emotions) to your content "rich" site.

3. PRE-SELL - your visitor will not buy from you if she/he does not trust or like you. You need to sell YOURSELF first as an honest, reliable and reasonable person.

4. MONETIZE - It is only after your visitor "likes" you that you can reasonably expect your visitors to take you up on your recommendations.

The vast majority of people (web masters and designers included) are "TOO" anxious to start making money with their website (monetize). In other words, they are either not aware of this PROCESS or not patient enough to do a bit of research first.

********* So, here are two more huge POTHOLES that claim the vast majority of website builders;

POTHOLE #2: monetizing prematurely for the search engines.

AND by driving into #2 you automatically hit #3.

POTHOLE #3: sales pitching your visitors prematurely.

--- (Pay close ATTENTION here - although this may seem a bit long winded, it could save you YEARS of LOSS and FRUSTRATION).

It is highly recommended that you make a submission of your website to a few of the authority "directories". You definitely want your pages to be listed here. You will need to have a minimum of 20 pages of good content in order to be accepted or listed with these directories.

If your pages are viewed by the directories as too commercial, your submission will likely be declined. Therefore, it is good practice to make your submission prior to adding affiliate links or sales pages to your website.

A listing of your website in an authority directory represents an "inbound link". The search engines love in bound links from authority sites.

The reason for submitting these pages is that these directories are places where your pages (full of good and valuable information) can be found by the search engines and ultimately by people who are searching for information.

By the way, the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask) want visitors (searchers) to have a good and valuable experience so that those people will come back again to use the search engine.

If your website does not contain some quality inbound links, then chances are that the search engines will NOT be in a hurry to send traffic to your site.

Therefore, people who are searching for information will not find them either. End result - Your web pages will not appear in the "search results" - people will not find you.

Well, now that you have that information to chew on...

hopefully, you can see that it is my intention here to offer you a helping hand to make your own website properly, to act as your guide and to help point you in the right direction.

I am not a guru, just an ordinary person who has already made more than enough mistakes and has taken a long time to learn these lessons. Do your homework before it’s too late. Vault ahead. Learn from my mistakes. It will make all the difference.

The road in front of you is clear and well lit so that you can follow through with this process.....

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