“Discover How Quality Keyword Research Will Reveal Your Most Profitable Niche and Get Your Free Traffic Flowing.”

You are probably already aware that keyword research is critical to your success on the internet. The difference between success and failure will also be measured by the quality of your research and the tools that you use to do your research.

This overview is intended to get you started on the right foot if you are a beginner.

One of the most common mistakes of those sites that don't make it over the hump is poor keyword research.

For that reason, this is also intended for you if your website is not getting any results.

Keyword research is not a difficult thing to do. It's about knowing what tool to use and when to use it. It's also a matter of understanding the simple who, what, where, why and how. That is what you will learn here. What to do and where to go.

There are some basic things to be aware of before you begin any keyword research, start building your website or writing any articles.

Let me explain...

Your website concept is a keyword, a central theme, a niche. Your website’s home page content will be about that keyword. Your entire site's content will be based on this.

The topic of each page of your website will be related to your site concept. Every one of these (keyword focused content pages) focuses on a specific keyword.

Search engines provide searchers with a list of websites that contain information that matches the keyword(s) that was typed into the google search bar.


The goal here is to find the keywords that your target prospect types into the ‘Google search bar’. That’s what you want to find out. What specific solution is your perfect client looking for ? This will let you home in on your perfect niche.

Discovering the best niche and keywords will lead you to free search engine traffic. Ask yourself - what niche is too broad or too narrow, or what keywords are good or related.

If you can find lots of keywords that are in high demand in your area of knowledge and passion then you have a good starting point. Narrow down that list of keywords to ones that are not being overly supplied (heavy competition for you).

By the way, lots of supply is a good sign. It means that there is lots of activity and money being made in that niche. Otherwise, no one would be bothering to provide information related to that keyword. You just want to make sure that there is more demand than there is supply.

Your goal with keyword research should always be to discover “UN-met” challenges and questions. You want to find out what people are searching for frequently that is NOT being supplied adequately and that is also monetizable.

If your passion and knowledge is about “the mating habits of the Antarctic TseTse fly” you may want to ask yourself if that niche is monetizable. (chances are that the demand for information on this subject is pretty low.)

The narrower the niche, the better.To illustrate another example; Let’s say that your passion and knowledge has to do with Health and Wellness. It just so happens that this is one of the most searched for categories on the internet.

So, you may want to narrow that down to something like “back pain relief” (which is very monetizable). Too wide a market means huge competition. You are looking to serve a much narrower niche (one that you can compete in).

Here's another important area pertaining to keywords:Once you have identified your keywords, you will need to use them effectively. It is all a part of optimizing your website and every page that is contained in it.

For example :

Every page that you create on your website must be focused on a specific keyword. That keyword must appear in the "Title", the "Description", the "Headline" and also must appear a 'reasonable' number of times in the actual body of the page text.

Why is this necessary ? Because you are trying to attract both your readers and the search engines.


There are lots of free keyword research tools available. They can help you to move closer to your objective with a set of general keywords which is just a starting point.One of these can be found through the Google search bar by typing in ‘free kw research tool’ or ‘keyword tool google adwords’.

The quality of your keyword research will greatly rely on the quality of the research tool that you employ. Be prepared to invest in good tools; your financial future depends on it.

So, a quality keyword research tool is worth its weight in gold It will allow you to home in on the exact keywords that will really help you identify your perfect niche and site concept.


The best tool available on the internet is called Brainstormer and is included in the website building course called Site Build It.


Also highly recommended is a series of indepth video tutorials on keyword research which is offered through Renegade Professionals. One of the smartest things you could do to advance yourself and your business is to join this training program for network marketers. Everything that you could imagine is covered in detail. Every single topic has its own video tutorials. The entire course is laid out in a step by step fashion.

Go there and check it out. If you would like to discuss this with someone first, then I invite you to contact me.

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