"John Wannop - Teacher, Coach and Mentor, Getting You To Where You Want To Go"

You want straight and level answers to your questions. I have been there, too. You want to get started in the right direction with your online mlm business.

First off, thank you for coming to my website. I appreciate that everyone needs someone as a resource that they can trust and rely on – someone who understands how to overcome most of the challenges or obstacles.

I'm here to be your coach, guide and teacher. My mission is to ensure that you achieve your goal.

As a coach, I am here to help you develop a business that is aligned with you and to hold you accountable for achieving the tasks that you commit to.

As a guide, I am here to help steer you in the right direction heading to the accomplishment of your goals.

As a teacher, my purpose is to provide you with lessons, answers to your questions, advice and resources.

On this site you will find the best, proven resources on the internet, some of which are free and others that have a cost.

Earning your trust is my goal - by providing you with a clear and straight forward path to follow. That’s why I have created this website.

My purpose is to make a difference in YOUR life – to allow you to make quantum leaps by learning from my mistakes, avoiding anxiety, frustration and lost time.

Many folks in the industry refer to me as an internet marketing teacher, coach and mentor. I am a student of self development and time management.

I have made tons of mistakes, both in traditional network marketing and in the online mlm business.

I have sharpened my skills and abilities to help others reach their goals, especially in the online mlm business by training as an internet marketing coach through a company called Renegade Professional - Marketing Merge. The course is called Coaching Cognition.

I have truly benefitted as a Scouts Canada leader, youth soccer coach and a Kinsmen Club of Canada member for twenty years “serving the community’s greatest need”.

Following college and technical school in civil and structural engineering technology, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was not the right path for me.

From the earliest age, I wanted to be my own boss; to be in control of my time and to have an unlimited earnings potential. So, for the next eight years I worked as a financial advisor/stock broker. It was during this time that I was introduced to network marketing.

That's when the lights went on for me. I fell in love with the concept of residual income.

My best friend, Jeanette and I are happily married with 3 teen-agers. We live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I am passionate about network and attraction marketing, coaching, teaching and helping others, self development, golf, fly fishing and gardening.

Contact me at jwannop@shaw.ca

Sincerely, John Wannop

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