" Discover The 4 Basic Rules on How To Make A Website Succeed and Why It Is So Critical To Follow These Rules "

You want to know how to make a website successful; how to attract free traffic from the search engines. How do you keep your visitor's attention?

The rules that you need to follow and stick to are really straight forward and basic. Yet this is where most people stumble and fall. Their websites die a slow and painfull death because they have made one or more of the common deadly mistakes.

Here they are - the 4 basic rules on how to make a website.... Content, Traffic, PreSell, Monetize (C T P M) .


Pure, original, valuable, problem solving, benefit providing information. This is what your visitor is looking for. It's the only reason they have come to your website. No matter how your visitor ended up on your site, one thing is for sure - you want to get their attention.

If your content is not immediately perceived as valuable then your visitor is gone. They are off and searching somewhere else on the internet looking for the answers to their questions.


Understand how to make a website attractive to the search engines. The search engines will send visitors (free, organic traffic) to your site if the content that you have written is relevant to what the visitor was searching for. On the other hand, if your site contains only a sales pitch with all sorts of hype, the search engines will not view your site as worthy enough to send someone to.

If there is no real, legitimate, problem solving information; no valuable content on your web page(s)then you are not going to get any traffic sent your way by the search engines or from other human beings.

This really is logical and it makes sense from the standpoint of the search engines. Google, for example, wants their searching customers to have a good and valuable experience for every single search that they do.

If a customer does a 'google search' for 'dog obedience training', then that's what the customer is looking for, that's what they are expecting.

If they are 'sent' to a webpage that is nothing but a sales pitch for 'pet toys' then what do you think the customer is going to do. They click the back button on their browser and continue their search for some relevant and helpful information.

Google, for example, wants people to come back again and again to do all of their information searching at 'Google'. Hence, Google is only going to send people to sites that have "relevant" and valuable content. Google wants their customers to be happy, just like any commercial business would.


This is another much over-looked rule - how to make a website attractive to your visitors.There is a definite order of things to do when it comes to building out your website.

Don't make the mistake of trying to sell to your visitors prematurely (putting the cart before the horse). For example ; proposing marriage on the first date.

The idea of preselling is that you need to SELL YOURSELF first.You need to be able to relate to your reader. You need to demonstrate that you understand your reader's concern or interest. Your reader is looking for something that will benefit her/him.

Present yourself first as a friendly, reliable, trustworthy and authoritative source of information. For example ; if your visitor does not like what she is reading, hearing or seeing, then she is not likely to follow any of the recommendations that you make.


How to make a website profitable is the last step. Once you have provided the Content, the Traffic will come. Once the Traffic is flowing, you are Preselling yourself.Your visitors like you and trust your information. They are ready to act on your recommendation because you have been sincere, honest and truthful with them.

It's time to Monetize. It's time to make a 'call to action' - to ask for your most wanted response. You want your reader to accept your recommendation or your offer. They do that of course by clicking on a link or a 'button'.

In summary, the who, what, why, where and how of "CTPM" is a process to be learned, understood and implemented.

After reading this, you will want to avoid the pitfalls and implement these 4 rules properly. Therefore, I am pointing you in the direction of the most authoritative guide and resource available on the internet.

I strongly recommend this to you because it is recognized as the best and is used as a platform for teaching (at over 30 universities around the world) how to make a website a real success.

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