“A Glimpse at How to Blog, Its Surprising Money Making Power and How a Blog Forms the Central Marketing Hub of Your Online Business”

Learning how to blog and sharing valuable information with others should be a major focus in your online business. The purpose of your blog is to let people get to know you and to build trust in you.

If you didn't already know, the word blog is short for the term “web log”. It is commonly thought of as a running story or report of chronologically ordered events and/or articles that someone ‘posts to’ or writes in their blog. Blogs are used by most folks to tell the story of their everyday life, business and happenings.

Generally speaking, blogs are used by most people to share what’s going on their lives. By the internet marketing savvy bunch, blogs are used to conduct business very effectively. Learning how to blog is a good thing and is one of the key steps to creating a successful marketing system.

Unknown to most, a blog is a powerful business tool. In online marketing circles, it is commonly referred to as the “office” (as opposed to the "social gathering").

To illustrate this point, imagine yourself at a party (or Twitter, Facebook,etc). You are there, taking an interest in other people, asking about their lives, their concerns, interests and their careers.

You are not there to conduct business. You are there to socialize and share with others. Of course, one of the sweetest things that can happen to you is for someone to refer others to you (your blog).

Second to that would be for you to invite someone to your office (your blog) via a link in your Twitter or Facebook comments. It is there that your visitor can learn from you and about you (you are branding yourself as a valuable resource).

You probably are stuck on how to blog or what to write about. Right ? Here's the solution for you....draft off other people’s socially proven articles.

I give full credit to Ty Tribble , a very well known and successful blogger. Here are some of the tips he has taught me regarding how to blog and what to write about.

To go "Alltop.com" or "popurls.com" to find an article that would be of interest to your visitor (target market or niche).

Go to "search.twitter.com" to find people in your niche.

Write about what you liked about the article and what you like about the author. Make sure to give credit to the author. This, in itself is a great marketing tip. You are helping that author by promoting her/him.

There is a good possibility that this author will link back to your site simply out of appreciation. A link back to your blog from an "authority" site is viewed by the search engines as very desirable and valuable. It indicates content of value and that is what you want to strive for. It's an example of how to blog.

After you have done this (borrowing content) for a while you are likely to start getting or formulating some of your own ideas. That's where you want to be, creating your own content. In the meantime, borrow from others, it's OK and it is socially accepted.

So, you are providing valuable content for the benefit of your visitors. You will be recognized for having done this. You are branding yourself as a person of value, a person who is willing to share solutions and answers.

Write a compelling headline and a short intro paragraph. Focus on attention, interest and action. Offer 3 or 4 useful tips.

Stand out from the crowd. Give your blog a slogan.

Provide incentive for prospects to become your lead by giving away a special report, video, or audio interview.

Your opt in form must have a call to action that convinces your prospects that acting now is more than just in their best interest, it’s the single most important thing they could do at that moment

Make it easy for prospects to sign up by placing your opt in form below every post and on most visible spots of your blog.

Remove anything distracting them from taking this action.

Link your blog posts to other people's relevant blogs, to your Twitter, Facebook accounts and of course to the content pages that reside in your own static website.

Lead generating content :Blogging is about branding yourself. Leverage off other people’s lead generation systems until yours is set up. This is all about relationship building.

Although this is a little off the topic of how to blog, it's worth mentioning. Personally follow up with your leads and continue adding value by offering support. This could be through an email newsletter that you create.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, what are they interested in ? Pinpoint exact questions your prospects are asking the search engines by using "labs.wordtracker.com/keyword-questions"(use long tail keywords)

By answering these specific questions in your posts you’ll pick up targeted search engine traffic and incoming links to your blog.

Be attentive to what’s going on out there. Post a comment in Twitter or Facebook like this : "hey, check out my post about…."

Teaching sells, be a teacher, not a sales pitcher. As soon as you feel comfortable teach others in your niche how to blog.

A blog is where you can control your marketing; it's your blog,as opposed to advertising on google, twitter, facebook and youtube where your account could potentially be shut down.

Important Note :Montetize by making an offer at the bottom of your post. This is totally acceptable as long as it is done in a tasteful way. Your offer should be directly connected to the content of the article or 'post' in your blog. Having said that, I invite you to visit my blog, where you will find more informative articles about how to make a success of your online business.

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