"10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Put Your List Building Campaign On Cruise Control"

Try using as many of these email marketing tips as you comfortably can. As you progress, you can employ more of them and also to a greater degree. Your campaign will expand in its scope over time.

1. Avoid the hassles of spamming. Use an email autoresponder (A/S) service (email broadcasting service) - Let a third party service (like Aweber) do the dirty work for you.

Potentially, you can get blocked by some ISP's (internet service providers) if you choose to use your own server. You only need one account (with Aweber)no matter how many email marketing lists you have.

Your A/S will also automatically scrub your list to prevent any duplicate messages going out to the same subscriber.

2. Back up your email list once a month. This is something that you do not want to leave up to anyone else, it's too important to be outsourcing this task.

3. Social marketing - focus much of your time here to build your reputation and grow your list. This is probably one of the most important email marketing tips that I can give you.

In these platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube tell people how they can get on your mailing list. Send or invite people to your squeeze page to get on your mailing list.

Give them something valuable in exchange for their name and email address. A helpful and valuable newsletter series or a free ebook for example.

4. Create videos and upload to YouTube. Ask people to click on the gold subscribe button (on your YouTube page.

Use 'annotations' (at YouTube) to insert your website name right on the face of your video.

In the 'description' of your video the very first thing you want to type is the URL of your website (http://yourdomainname.com)

Use the 'Find people' tab on Twitter to prospect. You're looking for people with a certain interest by using keywords.

You might for example find someone involved in network marketing who is being followed by a lot of people. You could follow all those people with the possibility that they will follow you back. This alone could grow your email marketing list quickly.

Another of the really important email marketing tips is to realize and appreciate here is that you do not want to be pushy or spammy with these people.

You want to act like you would at a social gathering. You are there to be socially accepted, to make friends, to be interested in others and to be adding value to the lives of others.

Read that again, "to be interested in others", (you are NOT trying to be interesting).

Facebook as compared to Twitter is more personal. It is more like a real situation where you really need to be social. There is more opportunity and therefore requirement to be social and to show that you are sincere and genuine.

5. eBay. put an opt in page on your 'about me' page on eBay.Get people to visit your 'about me' page.

6. Never, never buy an email list. (people who do not know who you are or have not requested to be on your list). The quality of a list is a measure of the list members' degree of interest in what you have to say. Therefore, develop the list yourself.

7. Use confirmed opt in as opposed to single opt in (within your autoresponder).

Reason for this is you want to be absolutely certain that the people on your list actually want to hear from you.

It’s possible and quite common that someone signs up for your newsletter and then forgets that they did so. In the event that someone accuses you of being a spammer you have proof of their permission to send them emails via the confirmed opt in.

Use the confirmed opt in approach to avoid and future problems.It’s a 4 step process as follows :1. “I want to be on your list”2. “Are you sure ?”3. “Yes, please”4. “Welcome to my list”

8. On your website or your blog, invite people to join your emailing list . Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. Invite your readers to send their friends to your squeeze page. Create a community by giving your readers a place to comment and also to send their friends to.

9. Partner with other list owners (joint venture). As your list grows, you will have the opportunity to share your list with another list owner. Presumably these lists would have the same thing in common, the same target audience. The members of these two lists are looking for the same thing. This is another way to develop multiple streams of income. The idea here is that you allow someone else to send their message to your email list and in return you send your message out to the members of their email list.

10. Use article directories and ezine directories for advertising. Create lots of content out there (articles that you have written) that is pointing back to your squeeze page (opt in page).

This is a general list of email marketing tips which I add to in more detail and scope further on in this website.

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