"Multiply Your Earnings And The Size Of Your List With This Simple Email Marketing Strategy."

Why would you want an email marketing strategy ? One of the most valuable things you can have on the internet is a list of people who want to hear from you. They are followers of you and what you have to say.

In very simple terms, your marketing strategy should be to invite people to join your mailing list using a . This capture page on your website or blog. In return for joining or ‘opting in’ to your mailing list , they will receive regular newsletters from you.

As you provide helpful and valuable information your readers come to like and trust you. From time to time you will be suggesting that your subscribers buy or invest in various educational ebooks, courses or memberships.

When they buy an ebook for example, that you have recommended to them, you will receive an affiliate commission. This email marketing strategy is part of how the funded proposal and affiliate marketing process works.

Over time, the size of your list grows and therefore so does its value. Even if only a small percentage of your readers buy the product that you recommend, you could earn a substantial commission virtually overnight. Multiple streams of income. Let’s use an example of an ebook that sells for $50 and pays a 50% commission (which is very common for digital products). Also, let’s say that you have a list of only 100 people. If only 10 percent of those people bought the ebook, your commission would be $250. Even better, if you were recommending a membership in a training course, for example, you would be earning ongoing, repeat commissions. That’s residual income and it's a smart email marketing strategy.

Imagine if you had 1000 people on your list. In the above example you would earn $2500 for making this one effort.

Of course, you don’t want to be trying to sell products in every issue of your newsletter; just occasionally or when it seems logical and appropriate.

This is where an autoresponder can really help you to automate and manage your list(s). One list may be people who have already purchased something that you recommended. Another list may be people who have expressed interest but have not yet made a purchase.

Here’s another email marketing strategy. Consider that your list of subscribers will have a common interest with subscribers on someone else’s list. A very common practice is to do a joint venture (JV). For example, you would reciprocate with another list owner. You allow them to advertise in your newsletter and in return you get to advertise in their newsletter.

In this example you would be offering a product to a whole new list of people. You may just be offering these new people an opportunity to join your emailing list for your newsletter or a free ebook.

Four very good things can happen here.

Firstly, you could earn affiliate commissions from the sale of products you advertise.

Secondly and probably even more important is that some of the subscribers in that other list will likely become subscribers to your list.

Thirdly, you could market your own ebook to your subscribers.

Fourth, a larger list means more people eventually joining you in your network marketing business.

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