Build Your Income and List Size With This Email Marketing Solution.

The email marketing solution that I am referring to is an autoresponder coupled with a marketing strategy. As you go about your marketing campaigns you will be attracting subscribers. These are people who have joined your mailing list.

They have joined your list for different reasons. One person may have subscribed to your free newsletter. Another person may have taken you up on your offer of an ebook that either you or someone else has written.

Each one of your marketing campaigns will likely be attracting people with different interests. An autoresponder allows you to separate, categorize and manage these different lists of subscribers.

An autoresponder offers the perfect email marketing solution. It is where your series of newsletter articles and/or email messages are contained. This is where they reside.

You may want to send a certain message to a select group of subscribers. This may be a thank you letter to your readers for subscribing or it might be follow up message in a series of emails that is aimed at offering your readers a certain product that you have recommended.

This flexible tool allows you to create different messages for different email lists. You have the ability here to send your emails at pre determined interval. You manage your various newsletters or series of messages from within the autoresponder.

This is also where you would create your web forms. This is, of course where your ‘prospect’ enters their name and email address. The web form would reside on a capture or squeeze page.

Another aspect of your email marketing solution has to do with linking your various internet sites and articles to your autoresponder email list(s).

It is this linking process and structure that will gradually grow your list of names. For example, at Twitter, occasionally you will want to mention the web address (URL) of your blog or website. When someone clicks on that link they will be taken to your site. It is there at your site where you would have a web form that allows a visitor to enter their name and email address in return for a subscription to your newsletter or a free ebook.

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