" Within 30 Minutes You Can Be Creating Web Forms Like A Pro "

Creating web forms

(as in capture and opt-in pages); What are they, why do you need them, where do they come from and how are they created ?

What are they ? An example would be the text boxes (on a capture page) and the button to click on (that allow you to type in your name and email address and then click on the button).

Why would you need to even think about creating web forms ? Together with the capture page, it is the ‘funnel’ that collects and sends your visitors names and email addresses to the autoresponder, where they are kept on file in organized lists.

Where do they come from ?Web forms come from and are created in your autoresponder.

Why does the webform come from the autoresponder ? This is the place or the mechanism that facilitates the sending out of newsletters (for example) or periodic email messages to pre-selected lists of subscribers.

The names list and the autoresponder need to tied together and coordinated in an organized fashion.

Therefore, a web form needs to be connected to the autoresponder, so that the autoresponder can then do its job of responding (sending out the promised information to the visitor).

It follows then that web forms are another important part of the process that is used to capture a names list through a capture page .

There are tutorials available on creating web forms. Once you have opened an autoresponder account, you may want to explore your account. your next step would be to learn the simple process of copying and pasting the appropriate “code” from your autoresponder to your capture page. It can be a little tricky or unnerving, so, stay with me and read on.

I will direct you to a tutorial that will show you how this is done. It’s not that difficult. You just need to see how it’s done the first time around. After that it will be a piece of cake for you. You'll be doing it like the pros. Check back soon and you will find a link here to this.

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