10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Website and be the Owner of Your Downline Names List

As a network marketer you will want to build your own website. AND, knowing that your success is tied to the internet ;some of the questions that come to mind might be -

What is the correct approach that I should be taking ?What's the significance of being the OWNER of the website ?Why should I build my own website ?

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started with your network marketing business, this will be of critical importance to you.

1. Most, if not all network marketing companies offer their distributors a "self replicating" website. In this scenerio, your network marketing company is in control of the website and dictates to you what is and is not allowed in terms of advertising and generating traffic.

It is therefore important that you send your prospects to your own website first. (They then become part of a names list that you own). In turn, down the line, your team members do the same.

They duplicate what you have done. The result - you and your downline (not the mlm company) control your fate.

2. As a leader, you want to

build your own website because you need to understand the process yourself and how much effort is required so that you can recommend and teach it to the members of your team through your own experience.

3. You want the sponsoring and building process to be duplicatable, right ?You have built your own website and ideally, you want most of your downline to eventually do the same thing and adopt the concept of attraction marketing.

4. YOU will want to be the one to teach this to your team before someone else does.

5. The traditional methods of conducting business in network marketing are being OVERHAULED. You will want to align yourself with this change and adopt a new set of rules. More to come on this.

6. You want to be in control of and the owner of your names (prospect) list. Typically, your network marketing company controls and owns the names list. Your MLM company most likely forbids you to offer or recommend other business opportunities or streams of income even to your personally sponsored reps.

This is about having more control of your own fate. And it will turn out to be a win for you, your team members and your MLM company.

7. You want to be in total control of the website and of the methods used to bring traffic to it. For example ; if all you have is a "self replicating" website, then you have no control at all.

8. ATTRACTION marketing and BRANDING yourself . This is probably the most obvious and important reason to build your own website. This is where your prospects can get to know you and the kind of support that you provide.

EXAMPLE : If you were to send your prospects first to your network marketing company's website, they are not very likely to join you, especially if they do not know you. People are going to join with someone that they like, know and trust (or at least with someone whom they are comfortable with). People will join with someone from whom they will get support.

The whole reason that the internet is changing the face of network marketing is that it facilitates the ATTRACTION process. It eliminates the need to CHASE your prospects. The idea is that your prospects will be looking for information, help, solutions and training. Because that is what you provide on your website they will be attracted to you.

Your website provides a place for you to create your personna, your profile, your brand. It is the world's window to who you are. It provides a place for you to help others, to provide value, training, experience and solutions and to make a difference in the lives of other people.

9. Why build your OWN website ? To attract organic traffic. In order to attract organic traffic your website needs to built properly. IE - when someone does a Google search using the keywords that your website is focused on - your website will be listed on the (organic) results page.

If this sounds complicated to you, don't be too concerned about it right now. I'm going to show you how you can build your own website on a step by step basis. Just follow along with me. You'll be just fine.

10. Your website is the platform that allows you to take full advantage of a funded proposal. We'll go into more detail about this on another page. For now, a funded proposal simply means that you can get paid by your prospects even though they may not join you in your network marketing business.


If you want to use the internet to create a successful business you need to build your own website (or have it built it for you by someone who really knows what they're doing).

Do not be overly concerned about this because you are going to find out (on this website) how to build your own website properly. If you do not want to build a site yourself, then you will discover the best place to get this done for you.

***** BRANDING yourself

Your newsletter will allow your subscribers to get to know you, like you and trust you. Once in a while you may recommend a certain product to your subscribers. If any of your subscribers buy what you are recommending, you will receive a commission.

As a business owner, it goes without saying that you need to build your own website. It is the world’s window to you and your business. It gives you a place to build your brand, your reputation ; a place to provide valuable information, training and solutions ; a place to build a following.

It is where Google and all the other search engines find you. You want them to find you for this reason : when someone is searching for specific information, the search engines will show a list of websites that are specifically relevant to the information that was requested.

Ultimately, you want to appear on the first page of results. Again, you don’t have to worry about this, because you are going to build your own website properly. Return to Build a Website Go to Make Your 'Own' Website Go to How to Make a Website

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