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Not long ago, a friend of mine wanted to build a website for his business. He had his blinders on and was not very open to suggestions or advice from me. He said he was in a rush and could not afford to take the time to do any research. So, he hired an acquaintance (who claimed to be a webmaster) to do this work for him.

A month had gone by when I asked him how his site was doing. He said, "great, it’s really nice with all sorts of fancy graphics".


Build a website that portrays you as someone with real value to offer. It is the world’s window to your business. If your site rings 'amateur' it pretty much means amateur results or even worse – game over.***

About six months later, I ran into him at a social event. Sensing that he was avoiding me, I gently asked him how things were going. He said, "great". So I asked him if he was getting any traffic.

There was a moment of silence before he said to me; “I can’t figure it out, I paid good money to that webmaster to build my site for me. I am not getting any traffic at all”.


You need a website that attracts people. The vast majority (around 90%) of all websites on the internet get zero traffic. That’s right – zero. Here’s the problem; they were not built to attract organic (free) traffic – ie: from Google, Yahoo and Bing 'searches' or from the Article Directories.***

As I wisely waited for him to collect his thoughts, he said to me “after all this time and expense, I haven’t made a dime”.


Your website needs to be “monetized” correctly at the appropriate time and place.***


Now that you have (hopefully) decided to follow this advice,

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