"4 Attraction Marketing Steps to Create a Self Funding Prospecting Campaign"

Attraction marketing is about attracting prospects, not chasing them. Let's look at the steps required to set up a funded proposal. In doing so, your prospects will be paying you whether or not they join you in your network marketing business.

As an outline - here are the steps :

1. Get YOUR WEBSITE up on the internet. (I don't mean to imply that this is an easy thing to do. It just needs to be done.)Ideally, you can achieve the various tasks on a step by step basis. That's what I'm here for, to help you identify and achieve these tasks.

Know this, you definitely need a website. Especially if you intend to employ attraction marketing . Undoubtedly, you will encounter people that will tell you that you that all you need on the internet is a "blog". Yes, it may appear to be the smart and easy route to take. Don't be fooled.

Investigate and check this out.

Go to the authority on the subject. Do yourself a huge favor and accept this gem of wisdom, you will save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration.


******************It took me 8 years of wandering on the internet to stumble upon Ken Evoy. I was fortunate. Amazingly, to this day, few people have heard of this person. *************************

2. CAPTURE PAGE - You need to install at least one or more capture pages on your website. The funded proposal here is that you are offering something of value (perhaps a free ebook or it could be a free sample of one of your mlm company's products) in return for your visitor's name and email address. Why ? Because you want your visitor's information. That visitor is a lead or a prospect. This is how you will develop and build your names list. And by the way, this list is what will ultimately set you free. It's an integral part of attraction marketing.

3. WEB FORM - The capture page has a "web form" which is nothing more than a couple of boxes or "forms" as a place for your visitor to type in their name and email address. Upon "submitting" their name and email, the visitor is then given immediate access to the free ebook in the form of a 'PDF' (portable document format) file .

There are a few well known people in the network marketing industry - such as Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Mike Dillard, Ty Tribble who have proven to be of help to others. Several of these people have ebooks which are available for you to give away. In any case there is no shortage of these valuable and free attraction marketing ebooks. More on this later.

4. PRODUCT - the funded part of this proposal is that your visitor may very likely purchase what you are recommending. If your visitor makes a purchase, you get paid by the owner (the vendor) of the product. It could be one of the products that your network marketing company offers OR...

it could be a product that the free ebook leads your visitor to.

By the way... whatever product you ultimately offer to your visitor, be absolutely certain that this product is really going to help them find a solution or solve a problem.

For example, here is an effective and genuine product that you could and SHOULD recommend to your visitors :

Ann Sieg has a free ebook titled "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing" (an industry changing book). It's free and I most definitely recommend it.

This free ebook naturally and logically leads into and offers a much more comprehensive and step by step guide, called "The Renegade Network Marketer". It's all about attraction marketing. By leading your visitor to this resource, you have done them a great and valuable service.

As a consequence, through this funded proposal, your visitor moves ahead and gains knowledge and success. You move ahead because you have gained another "warm" lead and possibly a new distributor in your mlm organization. You have also been paid a commission whether or not this visitor joins you in your business. It's a funded process. It's attraction marketing at its best. Return to Home Page