"Don't Let Affiliate Marketing be the Missing Link in Your Network Marketing Success Strategy"

Part of your network marketing strategy should include affiliate marketing. It's a way of creating streams of income other than the residual income that you are striving to earn.

This can mean different things to different people. It depends what sort of approach you are using on the internet to generate income. Of course there are many ways.

So, in order to get you into a profit position as soon as possible, we are focused on how it relates to network marketing.

For a bit more illustration about this, check out

'what is affiliate marketing'. The term 'affiliate' simply means that you are an 'associate' of a vendor who is selling a product (such as an ebook or a membership in a study course) on the internet. In other words you have an agreement with the vendor, whereby the vendor pays you a commission for making a sale (to one of your website visitors).

This business model is called a funded proposal and is a terrific way to generate a list of 'warm' leads as well as to create some upfront income for you.

You may ask, "why would I want to dilute my network marketing efforts by getting involved in affiliate marketing ? Why would I want to go down another path and get distracted from my main focus?"

Because it's a very smart way of generating leads and income. Especially important when you are just getting started in your mlm business. It is a way of covering some or all of your business expenses during your start up stage.

I discuss this concept in other areas of this website because it is so interwoven in the fabric of network marketing on the internet. It's a new way of doing business. It is a way of funding or financing your prospecting efforts.

We all know, it can cost dearly to get up and running in network marketing. In the past, it (the cost as well as the 'fear of rejection') has been responsible for causing so many people to give up.

So... here is a brilliant new concept ('new' as in the mlm business). Affiliate marketing kills two birds with one stone....

First, it is a way to cover expenses, during start up and also for the long term.

Second, it largely eliminates the need to CHASE prospects and therefore removes the problem of 'fear of rejection'.

Hopefully you're starting to feel like there is really something here to think about ? When I was introduced to this concept it made so much sense. No more CHASING prospects.

You will find more references (and more detail) on this topic of affiliate marketing in other pages of this website. I hope that I have properly communicated this critical concept to you. Not that it's complicated; it's more a case of a new and different concept.

I remember how slow I was to accept this as a new way of approaching my network marketing business. Once I did everything changed.

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